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Foundation Cinematographers Cathal Watters Owen McPolin
April 24, 2024
Foundation cinematographers Cathal Watters and Owen McPolin on the freedoms and challenges of filming the Lee Pace and Jared Harris Issac Asimov epic.
Furiosa George Miller Anya Taylor-Joy Chris Hemsworth
April 23, 2024
Furiosa director George Miller and stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth discuss the making of the first Mad Max saga to center someone other than Max.
Unlocked A Jail Experiment
April 22, 2024
Unlocked: A Jail Experiment has been the top show on Netflix almost since its release earlier this month. Normally, the […]
Star Wars Behind the Scenes
April 22, 2024
Remember the magic of seeing Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time? (Maybe you even saw it before […]
TV Characters Who Deserved to Die
April 22, 2024
Here are some TV characters who deserved to die. Spoilers follow, obviously.
April 21, 2024
Which of these images is a wax statue and which is computer generated imagery (CGI)? Take your best guess.
Old Movies That Are Still a Pleasure to Watch
April 20, 2024
We’ve all watched classic old movies that are indisputably great, but aren’t much fun. These old movies easily stand the […]
Horror Movies of the 1970s That Are Still Extremely Scary
April 19, 2024
Here are the 11 scariest horror movies of the 1970s, a great decade for horror movies and movies in general.
Unlocked A Jail Experiment
April 17, 2024
Netflix’s Unlocked: A Jail Experiment follows Sheriff Eric Higgins as he gives surprising new freedoms to inmates in the Pulaski […]
50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee
April 16, 2024
The 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee is here to help you devise the ideal festival submission strategy to get the most possible uplift for your film.
Blackmagic Design URSA Cine 12K
April 12, 2024
Blackmagic Design on Friday unveiled the URSA Cine 12K, an update to its existing cameras designed for a high-performance digital […]
Vera Drew: The People's Joker Is Ridiculously Autobiographical
April 12, 2024
Vera Drew, the co-writer, director, editor and star of The People’s Joker, says the trans, transgressive Batman parody tells her […]
OJ Simpson
April 11, 2024
Normally if a celebrity died after a successful Hollywood career and being one of the greatest NFL stars of all […]
OJ Simpson as the Terminator
April 11, 2024
OJ Simpson, who has died at 76 after a life defined by football success and beating double murder charges, could […]
OJ Simpson
April 11, 2024
O.J. Simpson, the NFL star turned actor whose careers in sports and entertainment were overshadowed by criminal and civil trials […]
Anthony Hopkins Mary
April 10, 2024
Anthony Hopkins plays the fearful King Herod the Great and newcomer Noa Cohen plays the Virgin Mary — the young […]
Indigo Girls Its Only Life After All Alexandria Bombach
April 10, 2024
Indigo Girls Amy Ray and Emily Saliers said yes when documentarian Alexandria Bombach asked if she could make a documentary […]
Movies of the 1960s
April 10, 2024
These old movies of the 1960s easily stand the test of time.
Prison Movies
April 10, 2024
These prison movies are captivating. Get it? Anyway, we hope you enjoy this list.
Howard Tucker Never Retire
April 8, 2024
Dr. Howard Tucker, the neurologist who is the subject of Taylor Taglianetti’s new documentary What’s Next, holds the Guinness World […]
Dr. No Behind the Scenes First James Bond 007 Movie
April 4, 2024
James Bond, aka Agent 007, made his motion picture debut in Dr. No, in which he was played by Sean […]
Dana Carvey Doesn't Apologize for 1992 Sharon Stone Sketch on SNL
April 3, 2024
Dana Carvey thinks some people took him too seriously when he playfully apologized to Sharon Stone for a 1992 Saturday […]
Stars of the 1960s
April 3, 2024
These stars of the 1960s are still going strong after all these years
April 3, 2024
Here are all 11 Star Wars movies ranked, worst to best. Beware that spoilers follow.