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NFMLA March 2024
April 25, 2024
A 1950s dinner party and characters stuck in a horror movie loop were among the highlights of the NFMLA InFocus: Female Cinema Program
Challengers Zendaya
April 25, 2024
Zendaya is opening up about the challenges of starring in the new Luca Guadagnino movie Challengers, her first time leading a feature
Superman Nantucket Film Festival
April 23, 2024
The 2024 Nantucket Film Festival has announced its lineup, and it includes Thelma and Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story.
Rebel Wilson and Sacha Baron Cohen
April 22, 2024
Certain parts of the chapter about Sacha Baron Cohen in Rebel Wilson’s Rebel Rising memoir have been redacted in the UK for legal reasons.
Tom Holland Spider-Man 4
April 22, 2024
Tom Holland is getting involved in the creative process behind the fourth Spider-Man movie earlier than ever, the actor recently revealed.
Alyla Brown Sting Furiosa
April 19, 2024
Alyla Browne isn’t easily shaken. For her in Sting, she handled live cockroaches. She also plays young Furiosa in the upcoming Mad Max movie
Mamie Gummer and Catherine Curtin
April 19, 2024
Mamie Gummer and Catherine Curtin have joined the cast of “In The Pocket”, an upcoming short film from writer-director Julie Cavaliere
Quentin Tarantino Project The Movie Critic
April 18, 2024
Quentin Tarantino is walking away from his movie The Movie Critic, which had previously been planned as the last film […]
Sydney Sweeney
April 18, 2024
Sydney Sweeney is firing back at producer Carol Baum, who said the Immaculate star is “not pretty” and “can’t act.”
Brian Cox Napoleon Joaquin Phoenix
April 17, 2024
Brian Cox isn’t sugarcoating his opinion about Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s Napoleon
Hannah Gutierrez Reed Rust Armorer Sentencing
April 15, 2024
Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the movie set armorer who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the accidental shooting death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in October 2021, was sentenced to 18 months in prison in a Santa Fe, New Mexico courtroom on Monday.
Sarasota Film Festival Thelma
April 15, 2024
The Sarasota Film Festival winners were announced its jury and audience award winners for 2024, and they include Thelma and Sugarcane.
Chris Farley Biopic Paul Walter Hauser
April 12, 2024
A Chris Farley biopic is in the works, with Paul Walter Hauser attached to play the SNL comedian and Josh Gad attached to direct
April 12, 2024
An Afro-futurist scrapbook story and genetically enhanced children were among the highlights of the NFMLA InFocus: Black Cinema program.
How to Handle Rejection From a Film Festival
April 12, 2024
How to handle rejection from your favorite film festival? If you’ve ever made a movie and submitted it to film […]
Overlook audience and jury winners
April 11, 2024
The Overlook Film Festival 2024 winners include Damian Mc Carthy’s Oddity and Cricket Arrison’s “Some Day All This Will Be Yours”
SBIFF Santa Barbara International Film Festival
April 11, 2024
The Santa Barbara International Film Festival has set its 2025 dates, and there will be two extra days in celebration […]
Quiet on the Set
April 11, 2024
It didn’t take long for Quiet on Set directors Emma Schwartz and Mary Robertson to realize they were on to something big with their explosive Investigation Discovery docuseries detailing accusations of toxic on-set behavior at Nickelodeon during the 1990s and early 200s.
April 10, 2024
Stories about a beloved sex-ed teacher and a secret boyfriend who foils his girlfriend’s mother’s plans were among the highlights from the NFMLA InFocus: Counter-Ageism Program.
Amanda Bynes Quiet on Set
April 9, 2024
The directors of Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV are weighing in on whether they will ever interview Amanda Bynes.
Clea DuVall and Natasha Lyonne in But I'm a Cheerleader
April 9, 2024
Natasha Lyonne and Clea DuVall to appear at Florida Film Festival to host a screening of queer rom-com But I’m a Cheerleader
Jonathan Majors
April 8, 2024
Jonathan Majors avoided jail time at his sentencing Monday after being convicted of the assault and harassment of his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari
Mia Goth MaXXXine A24 Nightstalker
April 8, 2024
MaXXXine trailer from Ti West starring Mia Goth involves the real-life American serial killer Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker.
Synanon Fix
April 5, 2024
Rory Kennedy and Mark Bailey’s new HBO docuseries The Synanon Fix documents the dramatic rise and fall of Synanon